Bags & Purses

Bags and Purses: Today?s woman likes to stay ahead in the fashion pack and carries herself with ?an wherever she goes. She doesn?t prefer to let go of a single detail when it comes to her styling and accessories have become a big part of dressing today. Our Bags and Purses Section is entirely devoted to stylish and chic messenger bags, sling bags, laptop bags, Envelopes, and cross-body bags which are exquisite, versatile and one-of-its-kinds. They are fitted with interior compartments that let you store anything from laptop, your precious documents, to monetary essential, makeup and more. The simple lines and structural shapes of these bags help to keep you organized and on top of your game whether you are an office-goer or out to have a casual lunch will your pals.

These classy and feminine bags will get you noticed and also rock your ethnic or formal wear. At Craftfurnish, we always thrive to serve the best to our customers and hence each piece of this range goes through a thorough quality check before we put it on the market. Moreover, we keep urban women in mind and offer you such a wide range of styles, colors, material choices and designs that you would surely find the one that suits your choice.

The handcrafted bags of high quality are made by skilled artists. You can have your choice from handbags made of silk, 100% cotton, velvet, denim, suede, faux fur, and faux suede. Some companies also produce ladies handbags made from recycled fabrics and fabulous vintage pieces at affordable prices.

Trendy and appealing, this entire collection is low on maintenance and high on chic. They are light in weight and functional and fashionable too. Ideal for everyday use, they will put you in the spotlight in an instant.