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Banarasi sarees are popular across the fashion world because of its best varity of weaving. Banarasi sarees came into being during the Mughal era when Muslim artisans and craftsman choose Banaras as the place and started weaving silk Banarasi sarees. There are a few fabric varieties of Banarasi sarees: pure silk (Katan), Shattir, Organza (Kora) designed beautifully with zari and silk, and finally Georgette

Online shop for ethnic Banarasi silk sarees, fancy Banarasi brocade work saris, We have Brocade work sarees with matching blouse here for online sale. Banarasi sarees are historically considered to be among the finest saris in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari work. New designs are added every six months,Any Banarasi saree flaunts diverse designs of brocade and intricate weaving on a plain establishment. These sarees are quite in vogue due to the varieties of designs it offers. Let’s have a look at some glamorous versions of Banarasi sarees. Depending on the material used, mainly they are divided into four types. Each of these sarees has inimitable characteristics.

1 Katan: Here two or more silk threads are combined and twisted at once to create a plain woven fabric of pure silk which serves as a firm base. This kind of fabric is usually light weight. Previously the artisans used to weave Katan sarees on handlooms but nowadays power looms are used to produce these sarees. They boast stunning patterns and designs. Such sarees can range anywhere from few hundreds to thousands, depending on the style and pattern.

2. Organza: Here is another fascinating variety of Banarasi saree that exhibits elite fabric and exquisite texture that is light to carry and yet extremely sophisticated. In this gorgeous drape, the artisan coats silver threads with pure gold and then weaves it expertly with a silk thread to craft lovely zari brocade. This kind of saree has a distinguished sheer and understated shine, lending it a soft and dreamy look. It is also strong and long-lasting and has a natural stiffness. Most of the designs have vibrant and attractive colors. They usually depict floral and foliate motifs. However, nowadays, they are also made using digital weaving technique with the help of computers to create vivid abstract patterns. Kora Banarasi saree has a large range to choose from. You can select a simple pattern for your casual wear or a stunning rich saree for those special joyous occasions. Such sarees lend you grace and poise and turn heads wherever you go wearing them. One Kora Banarasi sari can cost you few hundreds to thousands, based on the variant you choose.

3.Georgette: This type of Banarasi saree is most popular with designers as the finely woven light fabric gives them a chance to create modern types of designs and patterns. Flaunting a simple and plain weave, such saree uses twisted yarns to inter-weave warp and weft. Depending on the style and work, you can get a georgette Banarasi saree from thousand to few thousands.

4. Shattir: An important part of any Indian bride’s trousseau, Shattir Banarasi saree has modern designs and classy look, making it well-liked in the new generation.

These saries are Counted among the finest sarees in India, Banarasi sarees are renowned all over the world for their sheer gorgeousness. Using pure gold and silver threads, opulent embroidery and fine quality silk, these sarees are the ultimate embodiment of feminine beauty. These sarees have wowed by generations of Indian women. Mughal-inspired designs like intricate floral and foliate motifs, pallus, min work, jhallars have made these Banarasi silk sarees one of the most prized possessions of Indian women through the years.

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