Buddha statue

Popularly known as Buddha, around the 6th century B.C Siddhartha Gautama was a prince of a large tribe called the Shakyas in Lumbini, which is known as a part of modern Nepal today. As he comes across the suffering and miseries of the world, he decided to leave the worldly pleasures and started his journey in search of an internal peace. Once enlightened after years of meditation, he was known as Buddha, the awakened one and he began to teach others what he had found and spread spirituality all over. Later, Buddhism became one of the most significant Asian spiritual ways of life in the world.

A symbol of peace and love, he symbolizes a life that is a delicate balance between the indulgence and indignity. His half-closed eyes state a meditative pose that inspires everyone to look nowhere but inside as that is where you can find the true harmony despite being in the middle of the worldly chaos. He is a symbol of mindfulness, generosity, unity, balance truthfulness and wholesomeness. Just looking at his meditative pose can evoke the feelings of calm and precision in one and bring a positive vibe.

We have the Nirvana Buddha which is the sleeping pose that symbolizes his last few moments on the planet. This was the time he entered Nirvana and gained the enlightenment in life. The other pose is the medicine one where he has a bowl in his hand. It shows the herbs he has which signify as the medicine of granting a boon of blessings to the people. You will see this Buddha statue in this posture popularly in Tibet and Nepal temples. You can get an array of different Buddha statues here which spread various positive vibes in your home and office space.

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