Craftfurnish is a marketplace where Crafters, Artisans and Artists from INDIA are involved in selling and people around the world are involved in buying crafts , handmade items and furnishing items .

Products are designed and created by the Artisans that sell them. As Transparency matters on Craftfurnish, we ask Sellers to share information about the Manufacturers involved in creating their items.The data which is provided by the Merchants regarding the history of product must also be authentic & consistent. .

Craftfurnish Merchants work on independent basis.

Craftfurnish has its own defined policies, payment methods, and shipping and fulfillment methods. The Merchant has an option to choose his own shipping method. Merchants on Craftfurnish must fulfill Craftfurnish’s standards of Customer service .In the unlikely event that a transaction does not go as planned, the Buyer and the Seller must work together to reach a resolution. If they are unable to resolve themselves they may come to Craftfurnish’s trust building team.

Honesty is important to Craftfurnish and its Customers. We ask that Merchants represent themselves, their business, and their products accurately and in the most truthful manner..

Learn more about Buying and Selling on Craftfurnish in our Seller Guidelines, Buyer Guidelines

Craftfurnish’s Trust building team may reach out to Merchant shops who function in violation of these guidelines. While we prefer to help Merchants bring their shop into compliance with our rules, Craftfurnish may ban Merchants that do not comply with the prescribed guidelines.We reserve the right to remove items of Merchants that aren’t consistent with the letter or spirit of Craftfurnish’s guidelines. Learn more about Craftfurnish’s Mission and Values.


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