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Candles are not something we only use these days. They were used even before 5,000 years ago by ancient men for illumination and light. It was documented that the Ancient Egyptians were the first to start making use of candles as torches or rush lights. The rush lights that they used didn?t have a wick as the ones that are produced today. The Romans were the ones to develop the wicked candles first.

Candle holder, also addressed as Candlestick, is a device that helps in keeping a burning candle secure and intact. People in the ancient days used chamber sticks instead of candle holders that used to be smaller in size as compared to the regular candle holders. Many artefacts have been found by archaeologists that show the different designs of candlesticks that were used in earlier centuries. With the reduced use of candles in the modern century, people prefer using candle holders for decorative purposes for an exotic atmosphere on exceptional occasions. Candles are also used in many religious functions and rituals which signify spirituality in symbolic ways.

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