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Craftghar is a brand that curates well-designed products in the home, home-ware and décor categories from artists in India. Craftghar aspires to be a house of brands for customers who have evolved taste and want their homes to be an extension of their personalities. We work with designers and artisans who are forever pushing the boundaries of their craft. "

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Gifts for Girls

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Best and unique birthday gifts for girls online shopping In India

Girls are blessing, a miracle, a gift from the heaven and their cute smiles feel up our lives instantly. They are every parent’s sunshine and moonlight. These little angels are as beautiful as the flowers and we ought to spoil and cherish them. Have a look at our collection of homemade gifts for girls. Although a smile is the best makeup any girl can wear but next, comes the Earrings.

Women and jewelry have a lifelong love, one that has been a tradition since olden times and even the passage of time has been unsuccessful to weaken it. In short, they are inseparable. A right kind of jewelry can accentuate the face and add more to the beauty. We have carefully selected the pieces of this category so that your little princess can cherish the gift for a long time.

At Craftfurnish, we have an entire range dedicated to a special kind of handmade jewelry which is very popular nowadays. Skillfully created by our expert craftsmen, these ornaments are nothing like the mass-produced machine stuff. But they are made using the age-old ancient art of Quilling. With innovative tools and latest technology, these designs are one of its kinds and you will have a hard time selecting one. Economical, handmade and lightweight, this paper jewelry doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket at all. We also have ornaments made of Kundan, silver, Terracotta, pearls, stones, beads, metal etc in various enchanting designs, colors, and sizes. Fancy accents add eye-catching details to each. Get a flawless fit and find that perfect accessory for your girl which would make her dance with joy and strengthen the bond between you two. Intricately designed, each of these pieces boasts a standout style and allure that can’t be matched.Gifts for girls : Make her feel all more special in choosing from wide variety of gifts available for her at craftfurnish at an very attractive price .Be it her birthday , your anniversary we have gifts for all occasions

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