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Indian Creativity- in shape of handicrafts

Our mission is to unveil the creativity if Indian craftsman and provide a platform to get this brilliant creativity in different forms. The art and collection of crafts not only provide the best looks to your wish in reality but also display many directions and give them a new move. Indian crafts and other creativity like glass art etc step into a new era of creativity. Craft furnish will help to provide new directions and opportunities to promote art at international level and also capture different aspects of Indian creativity. The basic aim of our services is to promote art and helps to contribute to the economy at great extent. New resources for designers will influence economy to a crucial level.

Indian people, land, environment, language, and culture are embedded and full of creativity. This creativity is extracted in the form of art and craft. Creativity is doubled when it comes to the cultural and social level in shape of artifacts. Handmade crafts in India is basically dedicated to the Indian artisan. Their master art is aligned with the expertise of tools and techniques which finally converted into new unique shape.

Types of crafts

Blue Pottery & Ceramic

Glass Art

Dhokra or Dhokra art

The aim of craftfurnish is to showcase the creative potential of Indian craftsman and make available the collection. The art and craft collection unveils the product not only as an end but also as a seed for new possibilities and directions. The arts and crafts of India are at the threshold of drastic change and craftfurnish will help capture the many facets of the current scenario and promote a better understanding of the milieu, issues and resources that it offers for designers and layman alike to influence economic change at the grassroots level.

The range and diversity of Indian art and craft is in its people, land, environment, language and culture. Therefore the vast array of amazing artifacts & crafts are made In India. Social and cultural diversity has multiplied particular forms of artifacts, each shaped by a multitude of forces leading to the vast canvas of variety that can be witnessed today.

Arts and crafts Handmade in India is a tribute to the Indian artisan. His or her uncanny understanding of materials is combined with mastery of the tools, techniques and processes that have evolved over the evolving process through social and cultural interactions. Today this art and craft continuum constitutes an enormous resource that can be harnessed for the future development of our society.