Also known as artisanal crafts, it includes a wide range of products – decorative, utility and other items that are completely made with bare hands. This requires tremendous skill and precision, as a moment's distraction can spoil a work of a few weeks or months. In fact, Handmade crafts items is one of the most practised professions from semi-urban and rural parts of India.

Handmade crafts industry began as an indigenous, and a natural practise in order to fulfil one's bare necessities. However, as time progressed, it started gaining its roots as a much appreciated form of art. Another point to note is that the handicraft practise does not hold good for mass production, as the effort required is large. The Indian handcrafted items, more often than not hold a religious significance. This is known as folk art. However, recently there has been a surge in a specific type of art movement called craftism, which portrays political message and opinions. The items to be made out of hand may use one or more of these materials: leather, textile, paper, canvas, wood, horn, bone, clay, metal, glass, stone, plants, egg, etc. These materials together with creative designs can make a waste turn into superlative wealth. The objects can later be painted or coloured in order to make them look more attractive and presentable.

These handmade craft items adore the shelves of many homes and offices. They are either sold directly by the craftsmen or from a gift shop or can be bought online. Origami is one such famous handmade items that can be made from paper or canvas. In general, origami is a process of folding paper into different attractive shapes and sizes. It follows a creative method of sculpting and rolling practices that result in some mesmerizing designs. Painting, would make it look more attractive and it is perfect for small gatherings and birthday parties. Needlework or handloom industry is an important exponent of this art. Skilled craftsmen work tirelessly - weaving and sewing mind numbing designs on textiles and create a masterpiece that is adored by men and women alike. Handloom sarees are a favorite amongst foreigners and have contributed to much of the attention towards handcrafted items industry.

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