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Many would instantly agree that Quilling is an art. Paper Quilling, in general, is rolling, shaping and gluing up of strips of coloured paper material into an impressive piece of art. One can make various designs by looping, curling and twisting the paper and this can be utilized in making some brilliant and attractive piece of jewellery. A completely Indian version of jewellery – Quilling earring jhumkas are made and worn by a major chunk of population. They aren’t very expensive and provide an unusual and mesmerizing sight to the onlookers.

The Quilling jewellery jhumkas are a simple piece of work, attractive all the more. But the interesting part of these ornaments are that they can be made at home, by following a simple number of steps. The steps are as follows:

  1. Basic Art Of Quilling jewellery making – To learn the art of paper quilling, one must invest quality amount of time in getting to understand the basics of this operation.
  • Understanding the tools used for the purpose.
  • Buying the suitable Quilling strips
  • Perform simple operations such as coiling and rolling to understand how the shaping is done.
  1. Working and Gluing – Once the coiling operation is done, the Quill paper has to be glued using an adhesive. The important operations are:
  • Pulling the coil slowly, without disturbing the design.
  • Gluing the rolled paper together.
  • Separate layers of coiled and rolled quill sets are stuck to form the desired shape.
  • Experimenting with the patterns can be done, provided that simple designs have been executed successfully.

The modern, technology centric world has managed to find an attractive online marketplace for the sale of jewellery. The public has an opportunity to purchase items like Quilling earrings online, as a result providing the necessary motivation for making this artistic form jewellery. With prices not creating a hole in the pockets, the Quilling jewellery is here to stay in the market.