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The rich and traditional Indian handicrafts

The history of Indian handicrafts is very old; people having been using these Indian handicraft items from the very beginning. Earlier these handicrafts were used for daily utilities but now these handicrafts are used as luxury items for decorating homes and for gifting purposes. The Indian handicraft industry includes Indian jewellery, textile, home furnishing and fashion. There are a number of Indian handicraft manufacturers and exporters can be found all over India. These crafts are made up of different techniques and methods. Every region of India is known for some or the other handicraft; some are famous for paper crafts, wooden crafts, and brassware; while some are famous for handicrafts made up of iron; these handicrafts are known for their uniqueness and these iron crafts come in various forms and structures. There are also iron antiques that are exported all around the world to different regions because of their uniqueness. Except for these there are quite a number of other handicrafts in India that are quite famous and are used by people to decorate their homes and to give them as gifts to the people.

Different handicrafts in India

· Brass handicrafts- The brass handicrafts are known for their durability; there are different items made of brass like crawling Krishna, lord Ganeshas figure in different postures, vases. Table tops, ornamental boxes, toys, wine glasses, plates and many other items made of brass are used by people. The manufacturing of brassware takes place in Rajasthan.

· Silver handicrafts- We have seen ladies embracing silver in pictures, movies and also in person; folks of Kutch are known to wear silver handicrafts like ornaments in their hands, neck and ears in their day to day lives. For most of these ladies silver ornaments are a way of investment and it is also a way of distinguishing themselves from others. A lot of young modern girls are also see wearing silver ornaments as they consider it a part of fashion. These handicrafts represent our rich culture and heritage.

· Antique handicrafts- Something that is rare to find; antique handicrafts are kept as a treasure and used mostly for decorating homes. Antiques pots, antique figurines, tables, mirrors and many more are considered to be a great part of our rich heritage.

Handicrafts today are proudly used by people to decorate theri homes and also for gifting them to people as handicrafts are a reflection of our rich heritage.

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