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Today the Kantha embroidery has taken the fashion world by storm and there is no wonder. One of the oldest forms of embroidery, it emerged during pre-Vedic times. It is fascinating to know that word ‘Kantha’ has two meanings. In Sanskrit it means ‘rags’ and it also means ‘throat’. This meaning is deeply associated with the Hindu God, Lord Shiva. Interestingly, Kantha embroidery involves using discarded garments.

At first, only quilts, sarees and dhotis were decorated with Kantha embroidery. But with changing times, it has gained a huge popularity in the Indian fashion industry. It can be seen everywhere from shawls, home furnishings to duppatta and more.

Usually, the old sari borders or discarded garments are used for yarn. Then the artisan traces the pattern and then finally that design is covered with long or short running stitches. Previously it involved daily seen common colors like red, yellow, green, blue etc. But the contemporary designs use off-white base so the embroidered thread work looks more beautiful. Most of the times, we see conventional motifs like the sun, the tree of life, animals, birds and the cosmos etc. But now designers are coming up with modern designs like Egyptian murals, cave, art, Hindu mythology etc. At first only cotton or silk fabric was used for Kantha embroidery. But now it is available in many different fabrics like chiffon, georgette, crepe etc.

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