Are you fed up of eating outside food and craving for the hot home cooked food that retains its colors and aroma and freshness even after hours? Then you have come to the right place. Have a look at our fabulous collection of lunch boxes at the Craftfurnish and carry your lunch to the office in style.

Each of these sets is ergonomically designed so that you can carry them with ease while on the go. They are lightweight in design and equipped with broad and the utilitarian shoulder strap so that you don’t need to bear the extra burden and you can take it without much hassle. Moreover, they have a set of containers inside with airtight lids that effectively prevents leakage, preserves the nutrients and keeps the food hot. Now your dry dishes remain intact and so are those curries and gravies which don’t spill all over the place, thanks to the sound, sealed lids. They come with a partition. Maintaining these containers doesn’t take long. Just wash it with cold water and mild shop and they are again ready to be used. Be careful to not use any harsh detergent or scrubber so that they retain their shine.

Many of these lunch boxes come with BagMat, a smart shoulder bag that turns into a table mat once unzipped. Made from stainless steel, these Tiffins offer a hygienic, neat and non-fussy way to carry and eat home cooked food.

Convenient and comfortable to use, they come to you with the promise of uncompromised quality and style. If you thought that finding premium lunch boxes that are high on efficiency and style both is difficult, your worry ends here. Have a look at our premium range of Tiffin boxes that lets you store your food in a convenient and efficient way and also offer a perfect solution for office use.