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If we look back in the olden times, the tradition of decorating and dressing the walls started in the 13th century when the royals started to decorate their castles with tapestries. Soon the upper class followed the suit and used tapestries as a luxurious medium of showing off their love for art and social status. In fact all over the world, in different cultures, in various countries, in people of different religions, wall hangings were used to adorn the homes, churches, religious places etc. In modern times, we still follow them. Any house or office is not perfect without a suitable wall hanging. A vintage metal décor completes the room without looking too overdone.

If you efficiently place all your furniture into an empty room where it belongs but don’t pay attention to your walls, the room will feel as if it is missing something! You need a carefully selected and strategically placed wall hanging to make your room look perfect and complete. A room without a good piece of art placed at the focal point looks dull and boring. Human eye loves beauty and nothing is more attractive to enliven the place than a decorative wall art that makes your room pleasing and comfortable to look at.

Adding wall décor to your house in different rooms is the easiest way to bring a new type of essence into your home without having to do too much. CraftFurnish loves metal wall decorations which can lighten up every room. We have various idols of Gods and Goddesses like Krishna, Ganpati, and many others. Besides this, we have unusual and quirky items too, which are connected to different cultures in India like Rajasthani and Gujarati. Along with this, you will be able to get delicate pieces that ooze nothing but splendour.

Metal wall hanging art is one of the wall decorations which is slowly getting popularity with the urban generation. At Craftfurnish, we have an exclusive range of wall hangings which exude beauty and elegance and also provide meaning and purpose. Beautify your home or office from the vast assortment of metal handicrafts of different types that range from animal wall decorations, wall clocks, Radha Krishna wall art, various types of hookahs etc. Made from wood, brass, iron, stone and other metals, these wall hangings are exquisitely and minutely crafted with utmost care and precision to accentuate your home décor. They come to you at an economical price and easy to maintain too.