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Rangamaati handicrafts Pvt Ltd, an organization dedicated towards promoting and empowering rural craftsmen of Bengal by providing an eCommerce platform for their Handicrafts, Art and Folk Culture thus ushering a positive change in their living condition and to sustain their livelihood.

We are promoting large domain of artisans and their artwork, across West Bengal, India to the global audience and connoisseur of Handicrafts and Folk Art. rangamaati works with rural men and women to create indigenous crafts, the skills of which have been passed generation-to-generation. It helps artisans to be self-sufficient and produce unique traditional artworks. We at rangamaati, love them for what they do and respect their artwork and artform!!

Our Excellence Mission & Vision
Our quality has been responsible for our success. We are striving to come forth with unique designs to match the domestic and international trends. Our quality products with competitive prices make our offerings irresistible. We are rigid to convert the requirement of the buyer into suitable product with the entrusted team, to utilize our resources to the maximum for obtaining the best quality.

Empowering rural people, Artisans to recognize their potential, capacity to act to improve economic status, standard of living has been the manifesto of rangamaati, since inception i.e. 2013.

Always open to suggestions for improvement & to upgrade product range.

Non compromising attitude to maintain quality standards with competitive pricing.

Facilitating livelihood for rural artisans with a holistic approach, which includes sustainable development concepts: Revival of Languishing Craft & Facilitating market through eCommerce & Retail Sale.

Construction of Work shed for poor & needy artisan of Bankura Birbhum District for all weather Production

Appropriate transfer of Skill and Intangible Culture through Preservation, Promotion & Continuation of Dying Artform.

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