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Sheesham Wooden Table Top Masala Box Containers Jars & Wooden Masala Dabba for Kitchen Masala Dani Wooden Spice Storage Box Set for Kitchen

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Craftghar Handmade Wooden Spice Box Storage Set For Kitchen Spice Storage Masala Box For Kitchen

The Brand Story

Carrying a clear message, The special gift for someone truly special., Craftghar is your one-stop online art and craft destination started in the year 2014 with an aim to promote Indian traditional art and craft globally and help the small artisans based in different parts of India earn a living out of it.

We understand that articles for kitchen and home décor occupy a prominent place in the handicraft sector. Artisans are constantly engaged in making a large number of handmade decorative artifacts to be used in order to decorate and revamp the interiors of our houses. The most striking feature of our Indian handicrafts is that every chosen piece is unique in itself and brings a new and lively charm to our homes. One can find something or the other that matches the taste and style in our handicraft section. These decorative items not only add a feeling of freshness and life to a house but also make it inviting for guests and the people living in it. Indian handicrafts are a perfect way to express the ethnicity, diversity, and rich culture of our country wherein every single piece is handmade and hand-painted with a personal touch to it.

Craftghar offers a vast collection of Geographical Indication (G.I. tag) handicrafts for your home decoration which can help you design and re-design your interiors lending a vibrant and a new look to your homes.

Handmade Sheesham Wooden Spice Box For Kitchen

Handmade Sheesham Wooden Spice Storage Box For Kitchen Spice Set For Kitchen Masala Box Masala Dani

Handmade Wooden Masala Box Masala Dabba For Kitchen Spice Set For Kitchen Spice Storage Box For Home

Handmade Wooden Masala Box For Kitchen Spice Storage set For Kitchen Spice Masala Box Dabba Dani jar

Handmade Sheesham Wooden Kitchen Spice Storage Jars Set of 9 Container Masala Box Dabba For Kichen

Features of the Product

  1. Its Handmade
  2. Color : Brown
  3. Material : Sheesham Wood with glass on top
  4. Package Contents : One Wooden Spice Box with 9 Individual Wooden Containers with 1 spoon
  5. Care Instructions: Do not wash with water, instead use a damp cloth & wipe dry

Detachable Compartments

The Spice Box comes with 9 detachable compartments can be taken out and used separately also that can easily hold and organize any spice in this with full display. These compartments are efficient to hold spices without Intermixing with each other, Display this spice box in on any counter top or table surface to add a contemporary feel to the home.

Locking Hinges

The hinges on the spice box secures and prevents the cover from falling behind, and the hinges on the spice box allows for easy and efficient opening of the lid. Simply use the thumb to lift open the lid and pick any of the spice selections or any other home or personal items stored in the 9 compartments of the masala box .

Transparent top Frame

Glass on top of spice box ,The transparent frame of the spice box is designed to permit easy viewing of the spices selections without the hassle of opening the lid for viewing. When desired, simply open the lid and choose spices from any of the compartments for enjoyment at anytime. The transparent frame of the spice box will compliment a contemporary feel to any home or kitchen space.

Handmade Wooden Spice Storage Set Masala Box Spice Box Set For Kitchen Storage Container Jars home

Care Instruction

When cleaning wipe gently with cloth. Do not wash

Handmade Sheesham Wooden Spice Storage Box Set For Kitchen

Handmade Wooden Spice Box Spice Storage Box Masala Box Masala Dani Masala Dabba Kitchen Storage Jars


Spice Box Size

  • Length : 8 INCH
  • Height : 2.5 INCH

Each Compartment Size

  • Length : 2 INCH
  • Height : 1 INCH
  • Each Capacity : 50 ML

Spoon Size

  • Length : 3.7 INCH

Handmade Wooden Spice Storage Box Spice Jars Set For Kitchen Masala Box Masala Dani Dabba container


Sheesham wood is obtained from a tree which is known by various names, like Indian rosewood, Dalbergia Sissoo, Penny leaf tree, and so on. It grows locally in India as well as in the sub-Himalayan region.

  • It contains interlocked grains, making it extremely tough and durable.
  • Sheesham wood is extremely resistant to dry-wood termites.
  • Sheesham does not slip or warp and is known for its toughness and hard texture, making it the perfect choice.
  • Sheesham wood is one the best woods
  • Sheesham wood is highly flexible to work with, being pliable to all kinds of finishes, and hence, is used as the go-to wood . It renders a smooth finish and luster to anything created out of it. With its wealth of features, Sheesham wood surely is the most preferred choice for almost all wood projects

Handmade Sheesham Wooden Masala Box Dabba For Kitchen

Handmade Wooden Spice Box Masala Box Spice Storage Box Masala Dabba Dani Spices Box Set For Kitchen


  • >span class="a-list-item"
  • >span class="a-list-item">Display this spice box in on any counter top or table surface to add a contemporary feel to the home.
  • A perfect gift for specials in life and it will also use to gift in corporate office , wedding anniversary and festivals.

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