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Decorate with Antique Silver HandiCrafts

Decorating the house with the antiques is a hobby of many people. So here we are providing you the unique antiques made of bell metal, brass, and silver. We facilitate you with online shopping Handicrafts antique. We Offer you Bell Metal handiCrafts, Brass Handicrafts, Antique HandiCrafts.

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When it comes to metal work and handicrafts Indians are not strangers to the art. This art dates back to almost 5000 years, during pre-historic times, when people started to use various types of metals like iron, silver, copper, bronze etc to make pots, pans, jewelry, utensils, etc. Our rich Indian heritage stands as the testimony of those times which indicates a high level of craftsmanship and expertise of our ancestors. The historians found the beautiful dancing girl articraft at the Mohenjo-Daro site. Moreover, since those times, women have loved to adorn and express themselves by donning different types of ornaments. Today’s women still follow the suit. Jewelry is a way of saying who you are and to show off your elegant taste to the world.

The art of handicraft has been deeply rooted in our history and culture of each state and silver handicrafts is one of them. A unique expression of ethnic charm, tradition, and heritage, these silver artifacts are carefully and lovingly crafted by the skilled craftsmen to produce various items like photo frames, figurines, sculptures, jewelry etc.

After carefully researching the market and paying attention to our customers’ needs, we at Craftfurnish, have come up with an amazing collection of silver handicrafts that include various types of ornaments like neckpieces, payals, rings, pendants, etc. We also have home decorative items like wine goblets, salt and pepper sets, bowl and spoon sets with tray, decorative silver platters, fork sets, lamps, candle holders, diyas, tree lamp, wine surahi and more. Have a look at this stunning collection. We assure that all of these products go through a strict quality check to meet high industry standards. Charming and elegant, they will brighten up your home décor in an instant and add splendor to your personal space.