Terracotta Jewellery

Women?s love for jewelry dates back to ancient times and you can?t imagine a woman who doesn?t like it. Jewelry and women are inseparable because ornaments add more to the women beauty and enhance their femininity. Women are known to be the most graceful people and jewelry enhances their gorgeousness to another level. Every woman adores different kinds of jewelry pieces whether they are shiny or minimal.

When we talk about Terracotta, how can we forget the rich Indian heritage where this art was used in making pottery, handicraft and more? According to research, this art of ?Cooked Earth? dates back to ancient culture. As per the research, it goes back to the Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization.

Terracotta jewelry is known as one the oldest art of jewelry making. Terracotta means Baked Earth and such kind of ornaments are made from the clay in its basic form. Later colors and glaze are used to lend it a shiny and pretty look. Hand painted in earthy hues like brown, gray, blue, green, pink and red, they are eco-friendly and individualistic as well. It is not quite simple to make terracotta jewelry as a lot of work goes into it. The shape, size and the procedure has to be done carefully otherwise terracotta is prone to breaking easily. It is an old age artistic method of creating earrings, neck pieces and rings which is truly amazing. Some of the items made with terracotta can be slightly heavy but not as much as beads or real gold pieces.

In olden times, this type of art was at first used in temples to create the deity figures. Later it got spread to ornaments and handicrafts.

One of the most primitive arts, Nowadays, this type of jewelry is creating waves. Being made from the clay, it has a rustic and earthen appeal, and it is quite economic. You can have as many as you wish. Second, due to the vividness of colors, style, and designs, it can be easily teamed with western and ethnic wear both.

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