Terracotta Madhubani Tribal Print Coffee Cup

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    The Making....

    The manufacturing units are located in Bankura, Bishnupur, Birbhum on the beds of river Ganges where the potters from India, who need no introduction to the connoisseurs of the art anywhere in the world, carry out this fabulous legacy of art.

    The clay is solidified and wedged to the framed into the desired shape and size, on the potters wheel. This is followed by hand - craft for decoration and design like inlay, handle making, etching etc. After drying the product is given finishing by sand paper and sponging and then the initial firing is done at 950°C, followed by glazed firing at 1050°C in the kiln. Meticulous care is taken to retain the natural grace and feel of the products.

    Salient features of Terracotta...

    Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable

    Lead-free and Hygienic

    Common-clay base with ceramic glaze effect.

    Scratch - proof

    Good wear and tear resistance

    Washable and scourable

    Microwave oven-proof

    Durable and fascinating

    Light-weight and portable.

    Each piece unique because it is hand-crafted.

    Kills water-borne bacteria naturally.

    The clay used is generally a blend of two to three clays found in river beds, pits and ditches. More often than not the fuel used is one of the local resources available in the form of twigs, dry leaves or firewood. The kilns where the clay pots are baked are operated at temperatures between 700 -800 degrees Celsius.

    The womenfolk in the Khumbkar families are the potters who work on the wheels making the round necks and the upper halves of the pots. They also make solid clay toys and dolls which are cast in burnt clay moulds. Large figurines of gods and goddesses are also made in clay and generate a lot of income for these families.

    Terracotta, which is found mainly in rural parts of West Bengal, has found inroads into mainstream lifestyle with many household using the suraii, a clay pitcher used to keep water cool. Most rural households use terracotta feeding bins for cattle, tea mugs, clay pots for cooking rice, plates, tumblers, yoghurt pots. Most of the items though are of the use and throw variety.

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