Terracotta Nameplate

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    Terracotta Nameplate

    A nameplate identifies and displays a person or product's name. The primary use of name plates is for informative (as in an office environment, where name plates are mounted on doors or walls in order to identify employees) and commercial purposes (as in a retail environment, where name plates are mounted on products to identify the brand). Different materials are used to make nameplate. Materials like wood, glass, terracotta clay figurines and pots, bamboo, banana fiber, coconut shells, coir, brass accessories are used in manufacturing of name plates. Time taken to make is 20days. Please mail us at salesenquiry@rangamaati.com with Name detail to be written on the Nameplate,upon Confirmation from our Support TEAM please make the payment and place the Order.At rangamaati , we have a lot of Terracotta nameplates with different shapes and unique designs.

    The Making...

    The manufacturing units are located in the districts Bankura, Bishnupur, Birbhum, and on the beds of river Ganges where the potters from India, who need no introduction to the connoisseurs of the art anywhere in the world, carry out this fabulous legacy of art.

    In the making of these clay-works, the clay is solidified to some extent and wedged to be framed into the desired shape and size on the potters wheel. This is followed by handcraft for decoration and design like inlay, handle making, etching etc. After drying, the product is given finishing by sand paper and sponging, and then the initial firing is done at 950°C, followed by glazed firing at 1050°C in the kiln. Meticulous care is taken to retain the natural grace and feel of the products.

    Salient features of Terracotta...

    Eco-friendly and Biodegradable

    Lead-free and Hygienic

    Common-clay base with ceramic glaze effect


    Good wear and tear resistance

    Washable and scour-able

    Microwave oven-proof

    Durable and fascinating

    Light-weight and portable

    Uniqueness to each piece because it is hand-crafted

    Kills water-borne bacteria naturally


    Terracotta Wind Chimes,

    Terracotta Decorative Tiles,

    Glazed & Matte Finished Tiles|Murals,

    Coffee Mugs, Cups, & Soucers,

    Incense Burners|Cones|Incense Pots|Diffusers,

    Plant-Pots |Garden Hangings|Bonsai Planters.

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