The Significance Of Diwali Gifts

The Significance Of Diwali Gifts

Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India. Not just the country, the entire world celebrates this festival of lights. Diwali is a festival that celebrates light over dark, good over evil and happiness over sadness. This is one day when everyone in the country wears new clothes, visits temple, takes the blessings of God and elders, eats festive food and lights candles all over the place. The festival usually falls on the new moon day of the Hindu Karthika month. As the entire nation is dark without the moon, the lights lit inside and outside the house will light up the place.

It is believed that lord Ram returned from his exile on this very day. His people welcomed him by lighting lamps in the entire kingdom. Hence, the festival is sort of a celebration of victory of Ram over the Lankan King Ravan. While this is the mythological significance of the festival, today we have many reasons to celebrate the festival. It may be for the shopping of new clothes, buying new lamps for the house, decorating the house with colourful accessories and exchanging gifts with near and dear ones.


Diwali is the largest festival when it comes to giving and receiving gifts. This is one time when everyone splurges without thinking of how much is spent. Taking this as an advantage, we see many shops offering discounts and launching their new products at the time of Diwali. The gifting is not just limited for the homes. We see all the corporate companies gifting their employees with positive talismans and good luck gifts. Along with the gifts, there is also an exchange of sweets and chocolates. The reason behind this exchanging of gifts is to give and receive love, blessings and good wishes.

Earlier Diwali gifts were handmade or the crops that the farmers grew in their fields. But today, along with modernization, the gifts that we give has also changed. Some of the common gifts given during Diwali are –

Lamps –

Diwali is incomplete without lighting lamps. So, people gift each other with lamps, especially handmade clay ones. These lamps are pretty, natural and look very beautiful when they are lit. Clay lamps are the best handmade Diwali gifts that you can give anyone.

Sweets –

On Diwali day, you cannot keep count of the number of sweets that you ate. Sweet boxes containing assorted sweets like milk based, cashew barfi, laddoos and halwa are exchanged. Today, we can also see people gifting boxes of chocolates too.

Coins –

Diwali is the festival of Goddess Lakshmi. She brings prosperity and money into the house that she blesses. So, people gift each other coins with the picture of Lakshmi engraved on it. The coins may be of gold or silver. We see many corporate companies too giving these coins. You can also get clay coins with Lakshmi engravings on them.

This diwali, when you think of gifting someone, make sure you choose handmade gift items for Diwali. They are safe, ecofriendly and will cost you less too. Also, they will be cherished by the person receiving it.