It is one of the ancient weaves of India. According to a research, Chanderi Saree dates back to Lord Krishna’s time in the Vedic period. It is said that his cousin Shishupala played an important role in creating this mesmerizing knit. In the 13th century, the Muslim artisans started to weave it. Then in 1350, the weavers migrated to Chanderi, a small town in Madhya Pradesh. That’s how this traditional saree got the name. During the times of Mughal kings, the art of weaving Chanderi became very popular and even queens loved to don it. Slowly it reached to south Gujarat and central India as well. In 1910, the royal family of Scindia supported this age-old practice and that’s how the Chanderi sarees got a lease of new life in India.

In this old art of fabric weaving, traditional cotton yarn and silk or golden zari are combined, resulting in a lightweight and sheer fabric. It was created using handspun cotton warps and wefts. Nowadays you will find Chanderi sarees in pure silk, cotton and silk cotton. Known as one of the finest sarees, they are opulent and have a classy look. You will find elegant designs like geometry, floral patterns, peacock motifs and traditional coin design.

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